Set Design for Ghost Towns of the Southwest Exhibition

Set Design for Ghost Towns of the Southwest Exhibition.

via Set Design for Ghost Towns of the Southwest Exhibition.


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Olympic photo fall 2018 Evening

A decisive moment every day

Olympic photo fall 2018 afternoon

A decisive moment every day

Beginning Digital Photo Summer 2018

A decisive moment every day.

Olympic Photo

Winter quarter 2018-Evening

Olympic Photo

Winter quarter 2018-Afternoon

LA FRONTERA: Artists along the U.S.- Mexico Border

New York City based photographer STEFAN FALKE has visited over 200 artists who live and work on both sides of the 2000 miles long U.S.- Mexico border to document the vibrant culture of the region for his ongoing project. All photos, videos and texts © Stefan Falke (No use without written permission by the author)

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Understanding only comes after looking at the subject from all angles


"Don't let the terrain dictate your movement"


Words cannot describe what I want to express in my art.

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LIke water for the desert: New Media for New Mexico

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Be the change you want to see in the world-Gandhi

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