Jazz show at Parotti Hall

Jazz Ensemble WNMU from peter bill on Vimeo.

Take Back the Night‏

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   Tuesday October 28, multiple students, teachers, and community members in Silver City participated in “Take Back The Night”, a national event held to stop gender discrimination and domestic violence. Individuals marched from Western New Mexico University to downtown Silver City shouting chants to end violence so that the community will hear the message. According to Dr. Amanda  Jost “These Take back the night events have been going on since the 1970s and sometimes they have different themes, such as against domestic violence, Child abuse, against pornography those certain things. Personally I think it has been more acceptable in our society. We live in a part of New Mexico where many of our students at the university may come from low income families or disadvantage families. Some studies show that there is a coloration between poverty and abuse. Certainly Grant County in general, has a high rate of Domestic and sexual violence,higher than national averages and I…

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Claude W. Smith III


WNMU student Jenny Castenon’s blog post about the work of professor emeritus Claude W. Smith III

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Claude W. Smith III

Claude W. Smith III a respectable influence in ceramics was a professor at WNMU and also a commendable ceramist who takes his work not only for use but also for art. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview him. He was also an artist to pay attention to for not only his experience but his creativity. Claude may not necessarily be in the media that I’m most familiar with but in my point of view trying every media of art does not only achieve appreciation but as well understand the art world. For this interviewing Claude was a learning experience and gave me a new realization.

Claude W. Smith III became an artist with time. He started out drawing which he mentioned was an important process. He didn’t become serious about art until after taking different classes such as science. Only drawing…

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Spring Semester Expressive Arts end of the year show

On Thursday May 8th, students of the WNMU Expressive arts department showcased works that they have done during the 2014 Spring semester. Works included sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography and even music and videos. During the show people were invited to snack on foods and enjoy art pieces Western New Mexico University students had to offer. Around seven O’clock Peter Bill presented the New Media Idea Lab’s videos including the popular WNMU happy video that can be found on Youtube. After the video presentation the WNMU Jazz band played multiple original jazz numbers for the crowd to enjoy.

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New Media Idea Lab Graduates show

New media Idea lab students had multiple instillation for their end of the year exhibition. the shows started at five o’clock and at seven. Individuals that came to see the instillations were taken on a grand tour to see the student’s wor

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k. The students each expressed a meaning full story with their art works. At the beginning of the show visitors were taken to a installation that simulated the Dr. Who TV series, then visitors were taken to a installation on the negative impacts of standardized testing and at the end of the exhibition students watched a film on “paranormal activity” at the fine arts theater of WNMU. Throughout the show students were able to listen and look at the exhibition on a story about a family and their lives. Each station at that exhibit explained a different story in the recording that was being played.

WNMU Expressive Arts Senior Show

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WNMU Expressive arts department seniors display their work in the Mccray Art gallery. Students had a variety of work including photography, ceramics, paintings, digital media, and 2d designs. Many individuals came to enjoy the magnificent art work and  congratulate the students for there hard work during their studies at Western. The seniors included graduate students and undergraduate students.

Disney Animator visits WNMU

Disney film Director, Gary Trousdale visited with Western New Mexico University students on Thursday along with presenting a presentation to the Silver City Community. Gary Trousdale is known for directing the Disney movies Beauty and the Beast, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He studied at CalArts for three years and then worked on to animation and designing story boards. In 1885, He was hired by Walt Disney Feature Animation and started as an effects animator for the movie the Black Cauldron and later on directed Beauty and the Beast, that won a Acadamy Award for Best Picture as well as a LAFCA Award. Since he moved to Dream Works in 2003, his most recent works have been Shrek the Halls, Scared Shrekless, and The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper. Gary Trousdale looked at students presentations at Western’s programs during his stay here in Silver City. According to Gary Trousdale he said “So Far my experience was nice, I have never been to Silver City and WNMU but it is world class and you can find expertise everywhere”. Many Silver City Community members came out and enjoyed Gary Trousdale’s informative presentation.

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